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Mac OS X - first impressions

I recently had to buy a laptop for my personal use. To the surprise of my closest colleagues I have bought a Mac Book Pro. My first impressions are excellent, money well spent. From the OS perspective I found java pre-installed and all the nice unix tools like ssh which i have to use to connect to my linux servers available in the 64 bit unix base OS. Remote access using VNC works perfect as well. Setting up glassfish and netbeans was again very easy to do without an problems - performance was excellent, better than i ever seen on windows platforms for sure - an experienced IT person can immediately feel the solid OS thats running under the hood. When it comes to the leopard interface one cant comment, definitely one of the sleekest and most user friendly environments i've seen so far. Just to conclude my short note, for the java developers -> its definitely a nice environment to work in, an x platform with the slickest environment around.