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Installing OpenCV 2.0.0 on MacOS X 10.6.1 Snow Leopard ( Xcode IDE )

I have recently started experimenting with OpenCV. Setting the environment on Windows/Visual Studio is pretty straight forward and works fine. However since my preferred development environment is MacOS X / Unix i preferred to switch environments.

I must say that the installation went quite smooth, even though on the internet i found a number of posts on a number of issues.

The steps i followed were the following:

1. download opencv library from

2. go to the downloads/opencv-2.0.0 directory

3. execute ./

this creates an opencv framework which comes very handy when developing using Xcode

The process takes quite some time ....

Once completed using Xcode open the sample project (FaceTracker) for MaxOS x which is found under the opencv-2.0.0/samples directory

clean, build and off you go ... camera on my mac book pro was as well recognized without problems.